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“Same Page” The Documentary

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In 2023, filmmaker Emanuel Ramirez released the award winning film Same Page. In the midst of that triumph we follow Emanuel and how the premieres of the film came together. This trajectory was met with bigger questions based on themes of the film.”How much does generational trauma affect me and my relationships?” “Are we only meant to repeat what we know?” “Does me being vulnerable make me weak?” In this walk to his destiny Emanuel comes face to face with these questions and it leads to a path of self discovery.

We have both trailers available now on our website and the Documentary is available for Pre Order now. It will be available same day as the premiere on Saturday, July 20th.

The night will be hosted by Adonai Ramirez. We will have catering, drinks, a musical performance by William Phelps, and our DJ for the night will be Deejay Khalil. We will also have poetry by Quincy Beard and a Q and A after the documentary.

We are very excited about the premiere of this Documentary, and would very much like thrilled to have you there to enjoy this special occasion.


G-Gallery in SOHO
404 Broadway
New York, NY  10013
United States
2nd Floor

Save the Date

July 20, 2024

7 Pm-11 Pm

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Capitalize Productions